Awareness in Meditation (1 of the 5 key concepts)

Practicing the Concept of Awareness


If you have come to any of my classes you know that all of my teachings are based on the 5 Concepts of Meditation.

The beauty of these concepts is that as you practise them more and more during meditation, they will automatically begin to flow into your daily life.

So lets take a closer look at the first concept of ‘Awareness’.

When I first began meditating I had the misconception that you ‘zoned-out’ during meditation, but in fact the opposite is true.

During meditation your mind is highly alert, keenly aware rather than ‘daydreaming’.  Maybe you wont experience this ‘keenly aware mind’ at the beginning, but over time you will be able to reach a hovering point where your mind and body is deeply relaxed and yet acutely aware.

As I mentioned above, as you practise meditation more you will experience the concept of awareness in a deeper way during meditation and then the concept of awareness will naturally integrate into your life helping you live in a more fulfilled and balanced way.

Awareness is one of the first ‘improvements’ many of my students report experiencing in their daily lives.  As we get used to watching our minds in meditation we naturally begin to be more aware of our thinking as we move through our day.

As an example, if you are aware of your thoughts, you can catch yourself when you get thinking on a negative track.  As your awareness grows, this gives you the opportunity to redirect your mind to a more positive state.  Awareness is the first step to experiencing your greater potential. 

Stay tuned next week, because I will share a little exercise with you that you can practise throughout your day to heighten your awareness.

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