Announcing… 1 Day Meditation Workshop

1 Day Workshop: Expand your capacity to love

I invite you to join me on Saturday 10 June, for a 1 day workshop on expanding your capacity to love.

When life ‘hurts’ you, your reaction may be to close your heart. It is your way of defending yourself from being hurt in the future.

You start to build barriers in order to protect yourself, but in fact you only end up isolating yourself. It is like saying ‘no’ to some of the best things life is trying to offer you.

This doesn’t apply just to romantic relationships. Opening your heart is just as important in your work and other relationships. How do you feel when your boss or colleagues are distant, insensitive or difficult? When someone is this way do you want to do more business with them or want to work more with them?

You may think that you can control the opening and closing of your heart (eg. It is closed more at work and open to your loved ones), but is this really the case? And even if it is, wouldn’t you attract more opportunities for happiness if your heart was more open? Think of how you feel when you start a new job or fall in love. When you radiate love the world seems to shine down on you doesn’t it?

Re-learning how to receive love and give love (to yourself and to others) is integral to experiencing success and happiness in every aspect of your life. Love is a unifying force that nourishes you and those around you at the deepest level.

I hope you will join me for this day and discover how you can open your heart more.You will leave this meditation workshop feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and full of compassion.

PS: Do you suspect that your heart is blocked or closed, but are not sure? To understand some indications of closing your heart, go to Expanding Your Capacity to Love.

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