A neurosurgeon’s view on the power of your heart chakra

Do you want to experience the power of connecting to your heart charka?

I recently went to lecture by Dr Eben Alexander about consciousness. He was a neurosurgeon, who in 2008 fell very ill and by all accounts was expected to die.

While in a comma for 7 days, his brain shut down and he had a near death experience. His experience ran counter to all neuro-scientific views about the brain, mind and consciousness – and it changed his view of life completely.

For years he tried to explain his experience from a scientific perspective. However, he could not. Eventually, he realised that modern science and the medical community are missing important knowledge of what consciousness really is.

At his lecture, he spoke of the great benefits of training in meditation to experience a connection with consciousness. He feels meditation is the best way to go deep within ourselves and connect, in particular to our heart chakra, as this is the point that helps us glimpse the depths of consciousness.

I was delighted to hear such strong similarities between his main message and mine. It is completely aligned to my Success Through Stillness approach and the 5 steps I teach.

Experiencing these meditation techniques will not only help you to develop compassion for others, but it will also help you cultivate loving kindness towards yourself. After all, how can you expect to share love and happiness with others, if you are not confident and happy within yourself?

You can experience connecting to your heart chakra by registering for my meditation webinar that starts tonight, 21 June at 7:15pm (UK time).

PS. If you are curious about chakras, this will be of special interest to you. The techniques I teach at stage 5, help you to connect to your heart chakra. Beginning to experience life at the level of the heart chakra will help you to feel more harmony within as well as connected to the world around you. To join an in-person session click here: Foundations Class – 13 July

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