7 science based habits that will make you succeed

Ever wonder what habits you should cultivate to be successful?

The article: 7 science based habits that will make you succeed,resonates with me as it really correlates with my Success Through Stillness programme. I never used to think that success and meditation could cross, but in reality they are the perfect mix.

The article suggests 7 key habits to help put the wind in your sails on your way to success. It seems the secrets to success are closer than you think, and they are all rooted in the habits you choose to create in your life.

Not only is meditation ranked as the number 1 success habit, but it is also interesting to see that three other habits are outcomes of meditation. Namely, maintaining a positive mindset, improving your sleep and having confidence.

January is a time when people tend to reflect and make changes, so it is a good time to look at the habits you want to cultivate and those you want to throw away.

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