7 Minute Relaxation Technique

7 Minute Relaxation Technique – Progressive Body Scan:

7 Minute Relaxation

This 7 minute relaxation technique can be done almost anywhere, but it is especially good just before bed to help you release your day and take the tension from your body.  The exercise will only take 7 minutes, but you can extend it to a much longer period if you desire.

Begin by finding a comfortable relaxed position. Close your eyes, and start by taking 3 long slow deep breathes.

Start by focusing your attention on your feet, continuing to breathe evenly and naturally. Tighten the muscles in your feet by clenching your toes. Hold the tension, continue to hold… then release and relax, noticing the difference between tension and calm relaxation.  Imagine breath into your feet, and feel your muscles relax even more.  Completely surrender yourself into the process.

Repeat this experience going through your body part by part tensing and then relaxing your muscles.  Be sure to go at your own pace… there is no reason to rush.  Just follow the list below moving your mind through each part of your body.

  • Lower legs
  • Upper legs
  • Stomach and lower back
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Upper back, shoulders and neck
  • Go thru your face bit by bit, tensing and releasing. Curl up your nose, purse your lips, scrunch eyes, mouth and tongue one by one.

Then, mentally look over your whole body to see if there are any remaining areas of tension or discomfort. Gently breathe into those areas, imagining oxygen is going directly to any areas of tension.

Then just sit for a few moments following your breath.  Allow yourself to relax into your breath for as long as you want. Simply tune in to your body through your breath and relax into the process of breathing.

When you are ready, take one more full breath and gently bring your attention to the world around you. Wiggle your fingers and your toes.

I hope you enjoyed your 7 minute relaxation!

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