Hello my name is Julie Smith. I am the founder of Nature meditations and the creator of Success Through Stillness and the 5 Step Programme to Mastering Meditation.

Julie SmithI offer a wide range of Non-Religious Meditation Services to professionals in central London using my unique Success Through Stillness Approach.

I offer a simple 5 step programme for face to face sessions that ranges from beginner classes to private sessions and weekend retreats. I also provide meditation audio programs (including the Peaceful Sleep System) and Corporate Transformations.

I have helped over 1300 people discover meditation, taking them from a place of stress to rejuvenation. Many of my clients report reduced stress levels, sharpened mental focus and living in a more fulfilled way.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from reducing their stress level or improving their health, emotional balance or mental performance through meditation then contact me NOW

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Ever wonder ‘how long should I meditate’?

A new answer to an old question – how long should I meditate? I recently gave a talk to a group. At the end of the session, I had the question “how long should I meditate each time”. I gave my standard answer, saying that for beginners I recommend meditating 10 – 15 minutes per […]

Connecting with nature

Have you tried meditating outdoors? I know it may seem an unlikely thing to say at this time of year, but meditating outdoors is an excellent way to connect with nature. This time of year it can be a bit chilly to sit still so why not try a walking meditation? If you have been […]

The safe alternative to sleeping pills

Before you take that sleeping pill, I suggest you read this article. I want to share this article I found by Doctor James. Although based on research done in America, I think it is relevant for us in the UK too. As a former ‘sleeping pill’ fanatic, I highly recommend reading up on the effects […]

Join me for the CMI Webinar (Chartered Management Institute)

Are you a member of the CMI (Chartered Management Institute?) I will be hosting How to live in harmony with a busy and stressful career: Introduction to Meditation for the CMI on 6 February, 2017.Over 100 people have registered, but there are still some spaces if you would like to join. If you are already […]

25% off if you bring a friend (1 day workshop)

25% off if you bring a friend to the 11 February workshop in London I want to give you the opportunity to start meditation again in a simple but powerful way. I am hosting a 1 Day Workshop on Saturday 11 February, to help you kick-start your meditation practise for 2017. The Theme for this […]

7 science based habits that will make you succeed

Ever wonder what habits you should cultivate to be successful? The article: 7 science based habits that will make you succeed,resonates with me as it really correlates with my Success Through Stillness programme. I never used to think that success and meditation could cross, but in reality they are the perfect mix. The article suggests […]

Ready to get back to Meditating?

Are you ready to get back to into meditation? Are you struggling to get back into a regular meditation practise in the new year? Or perhaps you are just beginning your meditation journey? January is often a time for reflection and trying new things (and changing old habits). If you’re thinking about making some positive […]

Upcoming event 11 February, 2016

Our weekend in Windsor, certainly was a weekend of transformation, nourishment and relaxation… You can find some photos of the amazing weekend of meditation we shared recently in Windsor on my website at Previous Meditation Retreats. I have already been asked about setting a date in the New Year for my next weekend event. To […]

3 spaces left for Windsor Weekend Retreat (4-6 November)

A Weekend of transformation, nourishment and relaxation… This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in meditation for a full weekend, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and release negative emotion for a lasting transformation. Although the techniques you will discover are extremely powerful they are also very simple and easy to incorporate into your daily […]

GB Olympian supports meditation for students

Meditation techniques are helping students to cope with stress. The team of 85 young students are learning meditation, yoga and other ‘stress busting’ skills to help them prepare for the psychological strains of competing on the international stage (at the EuroSkills 2016 competition). The sessions included a seminar on the concept of concentration, and how to […]