Hello my name is Julie Smith. I am the founder of Nature meditations and the creator of Success Through Stillness and the 5 Step Programme to Mastering Meditation.

Julie SmithI offer a wide range of Non-Religious Meditation Services to professionals in central London using my unique Success Through Stillness Approach.

I offer a simple 5 step programme for face to face sessions that ranges from beginner classes to private sessions and weekend retreats. I also provide meditation audio programs (including the Peaceful Sleep System) and Corporate Transformations.

I have helped over 1300 people discover meditation, taking them from a place of stress to rejuvenation. Many of my clients report reduced stress levels, sharpened mental focus and living in a more fulfilled way.

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Do you want to let go of your physical tension?

The first step in meditation is discovering how to let go at a physical level. I remember my main meditation teacher, Alan Wallace, telling me this years ago. He said he knew people who had practised meditation for 15 years and yet never allowed themselves to feel ‘deep relaxation’ while meditating. This is a vital […]

Are you meditating on your holidays? (Harvard research suggests you should)

Do you meditate more while on your holidays? A recent study shows that maybe you should! Most of my students seem to ‘fall out of practise’ when they are on holidays. When you think about it initially, it seems you will have all the time in the world… yet somehow it doesn’t seem to happen! […]

Meditation at work – inside or outside of your comfort zone?

There is no doubt that meditation has become more main-stream recently. Even the business world has begun to embrace the positive impact of meditation. I have seen this in my own personal experience. I have worked in the head offices of two international banks in London, and both have had dedicated contemplation/meditation rooms. It is […]

Beginners Meditation Class resumes 14 September

Do you want to start meditating regularly but don’t know where to start? Or have you started and stopped over and over again, but just can’t seem to get into a regular practise? The Foundations Meditation Classes were created with you in mind. The foundations classes cover the 5 steps of my ‘Success through Stillness’ […]

Meditation Webinar tonight

Cultivate love and compassion by connecting to your heart charka My webinars and classes in June focused on looking at the art of connecting to your own stillness through meditation. Now we begin to build on this topic by discussing how you can connect to your sense of compassion. This is much more powerful than […]

Meditation, Science & Consciousness: how are they linked?

Alan Wallace & Bernard Carr: A Talk on Space, Time and Consciousness: 2 July at 7:30pm I am happy to tell you about an upcoming lecture by Alan Wallace and Bernard Carr that will be taking place in London on Saturday 2 July. I am on the board for the charity CCN and we, along […]

A neurosurgeon’s view on the power of your heart chakra

Do you want to experience the power of connecting to your heart charka? I recently went to lecture by Dr Eben Alexander about consciousness. He was a neurosurgeon, who in 2008 fell very ill and by all accounts was expected to die. While in a comma for 7 days, his brain shut down and he […]

How to connect to your heart chakra

Cultivate love and compassion by connecting to your heart chakra Over the last month, in my webinars and classes, we have been looking at the art of connecting to your own stillness through meditation. Over the next month we will build on this topic by discussing how you can connect to your sense of compassion. […]

Why Meditate Every Day?

Finding peace within every day will bring you more happiness We all know that meditation is a hot topic these days. I wouldn’t have imagined years ago that the stars and corporate moguls of today would be singing the praises of meditation. I recently read the article below about David Lynch’s (a famous writer and […]

Webinar Replay

Now seems to be a good time for me to talk about the subject of reducing stress and finding inner peace. I had a major computer meltdown recently, giving me the opportunity to practise the techniques I teach… allot. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can always find your way back to your inner […]